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   Thursday, October 13, 2005  
yesterday was ken layne's 29th birthday

and because im a terrible friend i forgot to post it.

this month ive also forgotten to post the birthdays of the former editor of the busblog ken basart (whose keyboard exploded while trying to copy edit this mess), and my beautiful lawyer and friend kim.

and because i am packing for new york and making a new girl wait for me i will copy and paste something i wrote about ken a few years ago, with some slight alterations.

yes, im that much of a loser.

Q. HeY! What's yr problem with Layne?

A. Who ever said I had a problem with the renowned author, musician and humanitarian?

Ken and I have broken bread, shared an apartment, he let me write some fiction on Tabloid, he is an Internet pioneer.

He was in a country band that got to cut a record, he hung with the Beat Farmers, and he's working on his second album of country/roots rock/americana with my pals in his current band The Corvids.

He's the rare example that something good can come out of San Diego.

He has an excellent Cheap Wine collection. He likes to wear dress jackets. He loaned me "Hollywood" which I have yet to return. And occassionaly he will apply mascara, but only socially.

Ken Layne discovered my friends in Prague while he was running from the law. He gave them some non-UCSB credibility. I like him a lot, and not just because he makes me feel not-so-old.

As long as I have known him he has supported himself from writing. Have you?

He has exquisite taste in current wives. Although he only has one, currently.

And he sired an incredibly happy child with the most beautiful eyes.

He likes the Replacements and the Stones, Bukowski and Hunter S., ufos and laughing at people who like ufos.

Like all of my friends, he's ridiculously over-talented. And he sings real purdy.

And without him (and Shira) I would not have this roof over my head. Not only do I love him, but I am indebted to him and I'm glad the Lord threw his skinny ass into central europe to show us what we had been missing.

Right now he is bringing the eno back to Reno

and shoving the oi deep inside Sploid.

if you havent checked out his day job, you really should do yourself the pleasure, and it wouldnt hurt to bookmark it either, in your heart.

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