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   Saturday, November 05, 2005  
what a crazy 24 hours its been so lets see if i can write this all down in 14 minutes. ready go.

got off the airplane and after twenty minutes found out that they had lost my bag. jenny was waiting for me inside the gorgeous vancouver airport and drove me to the good residence where matt was working on his blog. the man is crazy about blogging and web design which is probably why we get along so well.

while jen got her nails did, me and matt walked through town to go to his soundcheck. it wasnt raining and it wasnt as cold as i thought it was gonna be

every third or fourth person had a little red flower on their collar. i asked matt wtf. he said it was a red poppy to acknowledge canadian veterans and sorta to remind people that war is dumb. so later at the Commodore i met the band and the tour manager and the manager and the guitar tech and everyone was super cool as in SUPER cool, in fact the guitar tech has been ac/dc's guitar tech for the last 20 years and i was all you know ac/dcs my favorite band and he was all yeah yeah and we talked for about five minutes and he reached into his pocket and pulled out a guitar pick that said ac/dc and he was all this is angus's and i nearly fell over.

then i took pics of sound check and it was really interesting seeing how exact they wanted the sound and the set list. and then i took pics of matt getting interviewed by mtv canada and a local newspaper and the radio - all seperate interviews.

then i walked down the street to hang out with the canadian bloggers and buzznetters and it was superrrrrr fun. i wont even start to list the people there because i will forget someone and that will break my heart. lets just say that there was a canadian army guy and america army guy and a representative from the us dept of homeland security there and we drank and drank and drank. there was also a canadian there who was trying to get onto Survivor as well as many other killer people.

ok then we all went to the show and i saw more people whose blogs i read and then i was all who's this great band and it was The Ladies and Gentlemen, really good. i will buy their cd tonight.

but the coolest part - well, equally as cool - was as i was walking around all these amazing people kept stopping me saying, youre tony eh? i read your blog youre awesome! now that happens to me at blogging conventions but for it to happen at a concert in canada was pretty wonderful. if i had nipples theyd have gotten hard. especially since lots of the heyyouretony were hot babes as in h.o.t.

so when the time came for matt to come on i went to the front of the front row and showed the security guy my pass and i was right there under matt's nose. but that wasnt as fun as seeing the fans in the front row who were all omg omg. after three songs they kicked me out and i roamed the crowd and drank and took pictures and more people pulled me aside and took pics with me and the show was really good, i must say, and then afterwards i noticed smelly danielly was hanging around and i remembered that i had a photo pass AND an all-access pass but they both looked like backstage passes so i asked her if her bf would mind if i took her backstage to meet matt again and he was cool with it so we went to the green room and that wasnt where the party was at, but then i saw matts manager so i followed him and we went upstairs and like danielly said matt didnt have his shirt on and jen was sorta hugging him and it did seem like a personal moment but they said no its cool and matt put on his shirt and i stole a beer from his mini fridge and we all talked for a few minutes and then went back downstairs to the green room and then it was packed.

so we let matt make the rounds and sign things and take pics with people, and then it was time to go, so matt and jen and i hopped into a cab and sped back to their place.

whats so funny about the goods, and i say funny but i mean wonderful is they adore their three dogs. like so much. so here this guy just rocked the fucking house but when we got to the door they both said, the babies are gonna be mad at us for being away so long. and so they made extra sure to pet them all and kiss them all and we hung out in the living room petting the dogs and then jen ordered a pizza and when it arrived we ate and i passed out. before i even uploaded my pics.

today we were all little computer geeks. everyone was on their computers at one point for a good hour. then later me and jen took the littlest doggie to the vet and i took pics of that too. now im off to meet up again with some of the blogger boys and then dinner with the goods and then concert time. then tomorrow i will be jetting back to LA.

vancouver is a great place. i hope to come back again soon. the rain and cold havent been so bad at all. i think its different when you dont live there. in fact its sorta nice to see the red leaves and orange leaves and clean streets and junk.

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