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   Friday, December 30, 2005  
left umpqua at noon and those back woods were sloppy and muddy and wet and flooded and trees had fallen and people were driving way too fast for my liking.

but I made it down to where I needed to cut off from the 5 to scoot across Oregon to the coast.

see the 5 was closed in the siyskuu mountains near lake Shasta on account of the rain and the snow and the flash floods and junk like that so my assignment was to make it behind umpqua and go west young man.

that country was crazy cuz it was poor and even more floody and even less to do than in roseburg and you saw cars all chopped up in people barns and crazy stores but mostly you saw people spraying water on both sides of their trucks cuz of the floody roads.

I let them spray and went around the small lakes on the road.

all was going well until I made it half way across the cutacross when the river had swollen and flooded all these farms. it was so light brown and impressive that even the locals were pulling over to the side to see it.

which is pretty scary cuz you don’t want to be driving down a road and see people pulled over cuz your first thought is “tree down” or “huge flood”. fortunately it was none of those things, except when it was and you either drive around the tree or drive super slow through the deep muddy water.

and then I passed a carmel colored cow that had died in a flooded ditch and I nearly cried right there cuz the animals seemed to be going on with their normal practice of eating and pissing and shitting but my buddy either collapsed under his own weight or took a spill and never got up.

I was sad for a good 15 minutes.

then the road took me up up up above the clouds and that cheered me up cuz those trees are so big up there, and before I knew it I was at the ocean and it was spectacular and I pulled over and took some pictures which turned out to be too bright and just then karisa called me to find out where I was and we chatted and I pulled back onto the road and then traffic stopped because of a road block because of a rockslide and I turned around and found a little coffee shop restaurant playing bob Dylan equipped with free wifi and that’s where im writing you from right now.

normally I would have eaten chicken fried steak but in honor of cowy Im eating an open faced turkey sandwich with homemade mashed potatoes and gravy wondering if they’ve cleared those rocks cuz I hear word of another storm approaching and id sure like to be on the other side of this Oregon border afore that one comes.

id answer all your questions in your comments but I have to drop the kids off at the pool and then get back on that roadway.

the picture of the pickup truck was where they turned us around and the picture of the ocean is of the ocean.

mom if youre reading this don’t be scurrred. as Christians we believe that He’s got the whole world in His hands, and that includes me and this blue Toyota and I seriously doubt He’d kill me right after the Sox won the world series.

i mean, really.

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