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   Friday, January 20, 2006  
yesterday i had to play photographer for the kids at Buzznet.

it started with a lunchtime special secret inhouse mini acoustical concert with Giant Drag at the Virgin megastore headquarters.

someone i know works there and emailed me and invited me and sure enough the buzznet brass said sure why dont you run over there and take some pictures.

the sad thing is i almost instantly fell in love with the singer, annie, which of course ruined all the pictures and i think i took one good one but ... all i know is i didnt have the red eye reduction turned on and if i was smart i would read the manual of the camera this weekend.

suddenly it was 2pm and i hadnt eaten lunch and i knew i had to go to the Coachella - the film - premiere at 6:30p so i asked the buzznet brass if i could just head home, grab some lunch on the way and upload pics from there, do a little work and then head over to downtown for the red carpet for the film.

they were all, tony youre the man do whatever the hell you want.

so i did all that and made it to the gorgeous Orpheum Theatre on Broadway and 8th in downtown LA. and for those of you who have never visited this fair village before, you really should do yourself the favor and at least drive down downtown LA for 15-20 minutes because its like nowhere else in So Cal.

its old its crazy its dirrty ist scary its windy and cold and the creepiest people hold up signs saying they have aids can you give them some money and odds are they arent lying so you give em money.

the red carpet wasnt all that because it was windy and cold as fuck last night and i think that scared away dudes like Beck and Morrissey and Perry Farrell and Bjork

but in between snapping the arrivals of djs like ztrip, ronnie size, cut chemist, and junkie xl i noticed a guy with what looked like a fake hair peice.

was that that kid from that 70s show?

and sure enough some publicist ran past us in the photographers section and whispered

danny masterson from that 70s show.

and he did a quickie little interview with the people with the hot chicks and the video cameras then he walked infront of us with the still cams and posed for a sec and that was that.

along the way mr gary calamar of kcrw walked past and gary and i havent seen each other in maybe 10 years i guess? hes a great guy. music manager of the famous radio station but many moons ago he was the manager of a record store in west los angeles and took a chance on a kid with a huge afro whose only experience had been working at mcdonalds for four months down the street.

and ive had some great jobs in the past and i have a great job now, but for sure the first great job i ever had was working for Gary at Licorice Pizza Records at 11876 Wilshire (how do i remember such things) way back in the day.

so i took a picture of him and im glad it turned out decent.

the movie was good, it made me tired because festivals always make me tired.

id say the best performances were by iggy pop, arcade fire, and morrissey.

but right before the movie started i noticed one of my photography heroes - the cobra snake - who had his camera out and two very young women with him and he saw that i was trying to take his picture and he held his arms out like "thats right duuudes its me the cobra snake!" and because i suck at pretty much everything it took me like 15 snaps to get a half way decent pic.

and the best part about the film was they had a bar and a secret bar and marc brown was paying.

giant drag + pix the cobrasnake took yesterday + works right now, not

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