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   Saturday, March 25, 2006  
the big story this week was when Red State blogger turned writer for the Washington got caught having a history of plagarism before his week-long pity-hire commenced.

the WaPo did the right thing by hiring him because in most circles they are Leftist because in these days pointing out any of the endless parade of BuschCo's miserable failures means you must either speak French or vote Dem. and as we all know newspapers vote, particularily the sports section, the weather section, the comics, the obits, the Lifestyle, and the classifieds.

and the WaPo did the right thing by firing him because despite his political misgivings, there is nothing worse than a journalist who steals his journalism. you can get the story wrong, you can pay off your sources, you can even be full of shit in your opinions but if you steal from another writer you've crossed the line.

now I have a soft spot in my heart for mr ben domench, not because he links to me in the blogroll of his personal site, but because hes a fellow blogger who made the leap to the big time. many of us who type in our pajamas in our closets with the tvs on and our dicks out aspire to write for bigtime employers who will let us knock out our jackassery for money to hundreds of thousands of people.

indeed one of the goals of many bloggers is to get plucked from the blogosphere and hired to join the ranks of the "pros" in journalismland.

so when we see young men like mr domench, many of us root for him despite our obvious differences in political agendas because he is a fellow writer, a fellow blogger, and a fellow fellow who made that jump and if he can succeed then perhaps he will inspire other publications to hire more bloggers.

sadly ben fell on his ass. hard. he fucked up in a grand and spectacular way. at first he lied about stealing the words of others and then he called the post fools. but ultimately he tried to mix the fact that he omg got flack from the Post readers because of his points of view as if that never ever ever happened at redstate. or that cheerleading this BuchCo fiasco would only inspire standing ovations from the readers of the socalled liberal rag.

he probably will never work as a journalist again but because his lips are firmly around the vagina of the GOP he will always be taken care of, and his merlot glass will overflow probably by the likes of Pajamas Media whose middle name is quality journalism.

indeed right now others on the payroll are doing just what they always do. a righty writer gets busted for plagarism, a righty blogger like jeff goldstein is quick to bring up dan rather, and another righty blogger like glenn reynolds is quick to link to goldstein and second the nomination for him to replace domench at the wapo.
theyre like ants whose hill gets knocked over: they dont miss a beat, they immediately go back to rebuilding their house of sand. and that should be respected in a way. insectfully.

these days its very difficult to raise the party flag when your side lies about reasons for going to war, spends the biggest surplus ever into the biggest deficit ever, lies about spying on americans, lies about torturing innocent people, lies about imprisoning innocent people, lies about leaking the name of cia agents, lies about shooting old men while drinking and "quail hunting", etc etc.

and its especially difficult to write about it when its obvious that conservatives arent the creative party, arent the smartest, and arent the most clever. clearly not the prettiest or sharpest tacks, theyve relied on fear, deception, and cheating. and in many ways their tactics have temporarilly allowed them to steer the ship for the last few years, despite the fact that theyve sent us up the creek without a paddle.

good for them, though. theyve been in power. and good for their cheerleaders, theyve been able to yell that theyve got spirit. yes they do. theyve been able to pack the court. theyve been able to kill a whole mess of iraqis and servicemen. they even got to drown some blacks in the south.

mission accomplished.

but im looking to see what good they'll do. see, im idealistic. i have hope for people - even the dullards and those who cant write their own words.

im still waiting for one of them to rise from the ashes and be a new sort of turd blossom. a not so fat or gay or treacherous one, but a clear shepard of peace and prosperity.

in a country as big as ours, from a party as large as theirs, surely there has to be one or two ivy schooled righties who isnt stuck on dumbass. who doesnt have to invoke 9/11 and terra and iraq before laying out a plan for this great nation.

with all the gifts that have been bestowed on the ruling party and their supporters over all these years, doesnt a private school upbringing and a yale degree mean anything?

doesnt being surrounded by smart people and privelege your whole life add up to something?

how is it that the fat kid from arkansas who clearly was distracted by pussy at all times was able to have enough sense to speak clearly, think as a leader, and effect positive change better than everyone around him?

and how is it that the Right cant even fucking blog for a week before falling on their pimply fat spoiled asses? or when they do - stand up and "say my bad, im out"?

these are the questions that i'd like ben's successor to answer for me whenever he or she is hired. and with all sarcasm aside, i wish that person the best of luck.

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