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   Friday, June 23, 2006  
the hollywood chamber of commerce today announced the 2007 walk of fame recipients:

Michael Caine, Matt Damon, Lauren Shuler Donner, Jamie Foxx, John Goodman, Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert Altman, Erik Estrada, Kiefer Sutherland, Jerry Stiller, Barbara Walters, Dick Wolf, Mariah Carey, Sean “Diddy” Combs, The Doors, Crystal Gayle, Willie Nelson, Tim McGraw, Leann Rimes, Shania Twain, Sir Tim Rice, Lily Tomlin, Rodney Bingenheimer and Stu Nahan.

Actually thats a lie, one of those people doesn't have a star, even after that vote.

Meanwhile Scientifc American says that we here in LA are basically fucked as the Big One is coming any minute now. (And if it comes before i get a chance to say it, i loved most of you)

i was just telling matt that i need to join the la press club, and whattya know, word got out and tomorrow the mayor and larry king will meet with the press club.

sadly i cant make it as i have a lukewarm date. theres nothing better than hot dates but this chick is a little under the weather so... who wants to kiss a girl for the first time in that situation.

after a few 40s though who knows.

i did a podcast with moxie today that will be up over at her blog shortly its up. we're going to start doing them poolside from now on.

today i also got some cds in the mail for me to review. one of them was the grates. its awesome. another one of them is guster. i didnt think i was going to like them at all. i dont know who i thought theyd be. i guess i had never heard them before, i dont know, anyway that one is great too. and the third one is also very good, darker my love. sounds like sonic youth my bloody valentine. very nice surprise.

ive been seeing al gore on tv a lot lately and maybe having that election stolen from him shook him up in the right way because hes way better on tv than ever before. for the glaring exception of the joke he tried to tell tonight on letterman. i bet he's going to be your next president, america.

finally, pitchfork sends us to myspace so we can hear the best cover of the year The Go! Team doing "Bull in the Heather".

pitchfork gives them two stars but theyre haters, i give them twenty-two stars, it's definately better than the arcade fire doing "maps".

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