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   Tuesday, June 13, 2006  
i was up till 6am last night trying to figure out what the hell. but i fell asleep before i got the answer. fortunately i had posted two deals by then. i wanted one more but whatevs.

woke up to my cell phone chirping. did what i had to and there i was, awake. so went to it. im not totally prepared organizational for world dominance just yet but a few trips to staples and some well placed emails will get me there. i hope to have a better timeline come next tuesday. developing.

as for the writing. i can do this. as for the pace. i can do it. i like it. im in. i dont have an office to go to. i dont have someone to run things by. ive got this new audience that im not sure about and im sure theyre not sure about me. my momma sent me a good luck email today. how nice is that.

right now im writing on this blog because we were overwhelmed with traffic over at laist. maybe it had to do with my first story, "angels win, still suck". hope so. maybe a pearl jam message board is trying to spam the comments because i said that sonic youth shouldnt have to be opening for them, that it should be the other way around. maybe its the dave chappelle web sites that linked to us after we announced a secret dvd signing today.

im about to write something called "warning: leno might be watchable tonight" about how ann coulter and george carlin will be jay's guests.

all day i just wanted to go to the south central farm because i know someone down there and i wanted to see if he got arrested this morning. hes a really good hip hop rapper and producer. white dude if you can believe it. anti turned me on to him.

anyways today the replacements greatest hits cd came out and i want to go to amoeba and pick it up and maybe interview someone there so as to put some video on that shit.

my directv is broken. i might actually have to put my dish in a reasonable location.

martini republic + dude on larry king defends ann coulter +'s sean was very kind to me today

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