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   Thursday, June 01, 2006  
the question is what would bukowski do. and i think i know. i think he would go to hollywood park.

tomorrows thursday and i was thinking about going to san diego and taking danielle out for dinner and a movie. then maybe escape to mexico on friday to take some pictures for you.

then spend the night alone out there in that wilderness. no cheerleaders, no computer, no tivo. just a few beers. not too many.

i used to rent a room from a very nice lady. bukowski would have done that. and she would go to tijuana once a month to volunteer at a church down there. its probably a good idea to donate something to them on the way down. and hotels are so easy, anything with a jacuzzi in the room.

danielle was an angel in my life during a very tough time when i was at e! i was super paranoid that i was going to get canned any minute, and then danielle got hired and this chick who sat next to her came over to my desk and was all youre going to love danielle and i was all wha and we met twenty minutes later and we went to get bagels and had lunch almost every day and had several photo shoots along the way.

now she lives in san diego. a town that gets no love from the busblog.

not only did it suck my first girlfriend ever into its mighty vortex but it was the scene of the crime known as the 1984 national league playoffs of which we've already said too much.

but i miss danielle and i want to see her and today i was so bored i went to the burbank target and walked around and realized i spent a whopping eight dollars. one thing i learned about the target in the middle of the day - no ones in a damn rush. everythings free and easy.

today i wrote a little something over at thought mechanics about dan akyroyd putting out a dvd about ufos and how he believes in them.

i got the idea from 1)going to the frys in burbank today, and 2)reading sploid

the burbank frys of course is the huge electronics store that looks like its been invaded by aliens.

sploid is the only blog i know of that gets as many hits as it does inspite/despite their love of all things ufoish.

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