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   Friday, August 04, 2006  
four years ago today on the busblog

interview with: ashley's friend jenny

supertsar7: hi jenny
supertsar7: sorry i still havent sent your weezer stuff yet
jenny: that's ok
jenny: i was starting to worry that it was lost in the mail
supertsar7: no, i just suck
jenny: haha, it's fine, so do i
supertsar7: im sorry im making your friend all sad
supertsar7: she'll be waaaay better off, trust me
jenny: i understand why you ended things though. but it sucks that you guys aren't together anymore!
supertsar7: it was waaay longer than i ever expected it to be
supertsar7: i woulda thought she would have met someone else by now
jenny: well it doesn't help that she's not in school
jenny: she doesn't meet that many people
jenny: but that's just me being her mom
supertsar7: i tell her she should go to school too
supertsar7: college was the best part of my whole life
jenny: i know. i know she thinks she doesn't need it, but it's so useful these days. and she's so smart and capable; it just seems like a waste
supertsar7: truly
supertsar7: other than the education, its the things you learn about life and other things too
supertsar7: just the social aspect of being in a safe little community of peers is a once in a lifetime thing
jenny: exactly. i mean, sure i haven't taken full advantage of college in an academic sense but i've learned so much and grown so much and met so many people.
jenny: yeah
supertsar7: is bc much better than santa clara?
jenny: i'm at bu. and i'm really enjoying it. boston is so much better for me and the college of communications here has so much more to offer than santa clara's did
supertsar7: are you going to take classes where you get to be on tv or the radio?
jenny: hopefully at some point. i want to get a radio spot next semester, i think it'd be fun. i'd probably just talk about sex and boys the whole time. that is, if they'd let me.
supertsar7: nah, we're pretty shy about that stuff
supertsar7: this girl i worked with at the college paper has one of the best sex sites on the web
supertsar7: you should check it out:
supertsar7: totally arty photographs.
supertsar7: great astrology
supertsar7: free personals
supertsar7: its like an intelligent site about sex
supertsar7: way over my head
jenny: i think i went there once from your site
jenny: i vaguely remember
supertsar7: she was a super cool, totally hot photographer
supertsar7: now shes just a hot ceo
supertsar7: with a boyfriend named rufus
jenny: haha, that's a name i use to insult people
jenny: i want to be a hot ceo
jenny: actually, i'd prefer to be a super cool, hot ceo
supertsar7: she is super cool still, im just jealous
supertsar7: what sort of company would you be ceo of?
jenny: i don't know. i don't even know what my interests are, it's rather sad
supertsar7: that sounds impossible
supertsar7: maybe talking about sex is your interest
jenny: haha, could be. i think it'd be fun to write for one of those silly women's magazines (which i admittedly buy every month) know, like 'i tested 15 vibrators and these are my recommendations!'
supertsar7: ok, listen, any time you want to write something like that, i would love to put it on my site
supertsar7: so feel free to start right away
supertsar7: you can make up a fake name if you want, too
jenny: well, as soon as you send me 15 vibrators, i'd be happy to start my research
jenny: really? i've always wanted one. but i'm worried i might get addicted.
supertsar7: youve never tried it ever?
jenny: nope
supertsar7: carmen electra says she uses one 4-5 times a week
supertsar7: but i dont think shes addicted to it
supertsar7: this would be one i would want some chick to tell me about
jenny: haha, a hello kitty vibrator? what will they think of next!
jenny: i want the rabbit pearl
supertsar7: going right for the craziest one
supertsar7: scorpios are the best!
jenny: yes, yes we are
supertsar7: one year i dated six scorpios in a row
supertsar7: i would highly recommend that to any young boy
jenny: we're the most sexual and sensuous sign of the zodiac
supertsar7: by a mile
jenny: yay
supertsar7: in many cases its not even fair
jenny: haha, well i'm sorry you feel that way. but we make up for it by also being stubborn, jealous, possessive, over-emotional psychos
supertsar7: but also mysterious and sultry and intuitive
supertsar7: im lucky i was born on the cusp of scorpio and libra
supertsar7: so im not jealous at all
supertsar7: or emotional
jenny: i wish i wasn't jealous. it's more hassle than it's worth.
supertsar7: i think with practice people can get over it
supertsar7: although even God says that hes jealous
jenny: well i need a lot of practice then. actually, i think i'm getting better.
jenny: really?
jenny: well then i don't feel so bad
supertsar7: yeah, way early in Genesis, he says that hes a jealous God
supertsar7: and hes very emotional
jenny: maybe he's a scorpio.
supertsar7: could be
jenny: alright, well i'm afraid i have to go. my little french friend is craving some grub.
supertsar7: right on, good chatting with you
jenny: it was good talking to you too
jenny: hopefully we will speak again soon
supertsar7: cool!
supertsar7: au revoir!
jenny: bye bye!

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