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   Monday, September 25, 2006  
how is it that its always 237am? im thinking about going to cape cod tomorrow after the sox game. tomdog is hooking me up with free tickets to the game. he hooked me up with his guest room which is as big as my entire living room at home. bigger probably. he also hooked me up with and upscale dinner here in pittsfield mass. or the town next to pittsfield,

he also hooked me up with a red tail beer right before he went upstairs to bed.

so im thinking about going to the cape not just after the game tomorrow but for two nights because i really have to write. traveling and partying and pretending not to get laid is tiring and you dont get any writing done. itd be nice to just laze about for a day and not bother with driving anywheres not bother with seeing a new city, just waking up late, going to bed late and waking up late again.

you know, like my regular life.

this month is coming close to an end and LAist broke another record for traffic already. with that comes so many responsibilities. just dealing with the email takes hours and hours and hours. thats why its always 247am or worse when i get to write in the busblog. cuz i might start at midnight and all the mail that piled up since dinnertime has to be dealt with and then regular work happens and then its pretty late to be writing this.

ive been so busy traveling and LAisting that i havent even had time to put my new BlogAds thing up there. when you'd rather sleep than make money off your personal blog you know youre sleepy.

tomorrow im going to go to Emily Dickenson's house. then maybe pahk mah cah at hahvad before seeing the sahx.

everywhere i go theres beautiful women. it makes you wonder why i still live in LA other than all my friends living there and the great weather. our waitress was a kyaker. as i totally loved the mashed potatoes and string beans i wondered if a man like me could please a superathlete like her if i was always eating mashed potatoes and drinking beer all the time.

the answer of course is yes because everyone knows once you get married the sex ends as does all of your hobbies once you have kids. so then the question is, does she have the same taste in tv shows as i do.

its cold here and i only brought one pair of pants on this trip and no sweaters and no flannels because it was a gazillion degrees when i left LA in my shorts slash bathing suit.

kiyak chick asked me how i was enjoying my trip and i said it just makes me love oregon. and she said i drove across the country to kiyak in oregon and i said marry me and she said k.

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