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   Sunday, October 29, 2006  
a woman from the California Republican party sent me an email today asking me to support the governor, the lt gov, and this bill that would make all girls under 18 tell their parents if they are going to get an abortion.

she was very nice in her email so i was nice in my reply:
thank you for your compliments but clearly youre insane.

not every girl has the benefit of a loving family. only Republicans would think that every girl could just tell her parents that shes going to get an abortion and all would be well for her. some families don't communicate very well. some of those families have children having children. just because you people want to control everything in people's lives including their reproduction choices doesnt mean that forcing children to have children is a very good idea for this country at this time.

as a woman you should feel ashamed of yourself. as for photos of breast implants, photos of high school volunteers, and a photo of a Governor who cares more about his own wallet than kids - i dont know which is more pathetic.

if the GOP cared about LA they'd have an ad on LAist
to which she replied back:
im sorry you feel that way Tony. I am not ashamed of myself because, even though I am pro-choice, I am disgusted by the very well-funded attempt to constantly push abortions on girls. Do you think for one minute that if there was not a lot of money to be made in the abortion industry that it would be so well funded? What kind of money do you think is being made in the Pro life universe?

I will continue to wish you well, even if you think i'm insane. you're not the first, nor will you be the last I'm sure.

All the best to you.
to which i spent far too much time replying back, but the bears and raiders won so whatevs
to imagine that girls choose abortions because of marketing is not only insane but retarded and a poor argument. and the reverse of your imaginary argument is just as true. you suddenly pretend that the GOP is concerned with how people make money by assuming that theres "a lot of money to made in the abortion industry" and not a lot to be made from more taxpayers.

you people have flown so far off the deep end that you seriously want babies to be forced to be born in homes that do not want them and do not communicate well.

sure theres some money to be made from the medical personnel who perform the procedure. funny how the GOP is suddenly against doctors earning a living. you ask us to vote for a Governor who took millions of dollars from muscle mags and then vetoed legislation that would have hurt those mags, but you ask us to vote against a bill that would allow trained physicians to earn a living providing safe and clean medical procedures.

the corruption overflows so much it drips, and the mantra keeps echoing "freedom for us, but not you."

your party has the freedom to lose billions in iraq, to not find osama, to not finding wmds, to outting cia agents, to setting up secret prisons, to torturing innocents, to spending this country into deep debt, to killing brave young people over this lie of a war, to disparaging war heroes who dare run against you, to ignore those drowning in new orleans, to erasing our right to a free trial, and now your party has giving yourselves the power to have the president move National Guardsmen into any city in the US even if the State doesn't want them there.

meanwhile your party allows no freedoms to homosexuals who want to get married, girls who might have a very good reason not to tell her parents shes pregnant but desperately want an abortion, no freedoms to so-called terrorists who might be able to prove that theyre not terrorists, and no freedoms to former Ambassadors to Iraq to write in a newspaper what he didn't find in Africa (which ended up being what the US didn't find in Iraq).

i am someone who voted for Reagan and the first Bush, and who now yearns for more years of Clinton.

these are the darkest days of the GOP where scandal ran rampant to the House and Senate Majority leaders, homosexuality and child molesters, and payoffs so big that even DC couldnt let it slide any more.

When pirate ships used to sink, the last to leave were the fattest rats.

The GOP today doesn't care about the Constitution, freedom, Jesus, being smart, fighting the right battles, education, talking straight to Americans, or the future of this country. All your party cares about is money and power and how to keep the poor down. And one way to keep them down is to overburden them with unwanted children.

If you're concerned about the "riches" in the abortion business, federalize it, socialize it, and give it away for free. But it's not money that you're losing that you're concerned about, it's the power over some little girl's womb.

How fat are the rats around you.

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