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   Tuesday, September 11, 2007  
god i hate 9/11

who wants to believe that their government could possibly be involved in the most dastardly deed in US history? not me. even with these jackoffs in office.

but how cant you think that its true?

theyve lied about EVERYTHING

they lied to get in office, they lied to stay in office, they lied to go to war, and they lied to keep the war going.

and people will say "oh but all politicians lie", yeah they lie about little things like who blew them in their personal life, or about reading their lips no new taxes. not about war. not about young people dying.

have you hung around with 21 yr olds lately? or 23 yr olds? even 28 yr olds have taught skin and no wrinkles and ideals and hopes and dreams.

george bush sent young people to war over lies.

last week two cia officers said that they know that he knew that there were no wmds in iraq but he "didnt give a fuck." that same week bush said he cries. and he should.

i would cry too if i was a giant failure and a giant liar and me and my bros got caught on more of my lies than any administration ever. i would cry too if i sent young people - people - with families and loved ones and hot girlfriends and little nephews and nieces to leave their posts at the national guard and go to a foreign country and be at war in the middle of a civil war based on lies and coverups and scandals.

9/11 happened about a month after i started blogging. since that time gas prices have gone from a dollar and change to three dollars and change. of course its a coincidence that the most corrupt president ever is from an oil family and during his reign oil companies have posted record profits. like insanely record profits.

and of course its a coincidence that the vice president's last job was halliburton who are one of the biggest winners of this war based on lies. and its a coincidence that the bushes are so chummy with the Saudis and that instead of being at war with the country that was home of the Terrorists who struck six years ago, we're in a country that coincidentally had no ties to 9/11.

i hate 9/11 because it has exposed americans as being so fucking passive and so fucking boring and so willing to bend over and let fear fuck them in the ass repeatedly.

fear is not your friend, america.

fear allowed bushco to hijack this country. fear allowed bushco to turn your worlds upside down. fear allowed bushco to torture and lie and coverup and leak and swiftboat and buttfuck the constitution. right in front of your eyes.

are we men or are we mice.

we're not even worthy of being called mice because even a mouse will learn not to eat the poison after a while and we keep eating whatever this administration feeds us even though a child could tell you that if bobby kicks you in the knee you dont punch tommy in the eye year after year after year after year.

i say we vote everyone out. nancy pelosi, barbara boxer, diane feinstein, the gay guy back east, and of course all of the republicans who know that this is bogus but they refuse to stand up like leaders. they refuse to represent this country. the only thing they represent is their party and greed and lies and the status quo.

they say 9/11 changed everything and theyre right. pre 9/11 we sat back and we watched them sick a special prosecutor on the clintons way before there was a monica lewinski. we let them attack him and investigate her and sniff up every asshole and every dead end that they could so they could find something Anything to remove the president of the united states out of office.

well now we have plenty of good reasons to impeach both the president and the vice president yet where are the investigations? nowhere. where are the bloodhounds, wheres the angry mob, wheres the cooperation, wheres the testifying under oath.

youre telling me that 9/11 came and went, lack of wmds came and went, osama is still out there and we're not after him, gitmo is still there and there arent public officials being asked by reps of the people WTF every damn day?

yes 9/11 changed everything. suddenly the executive office is holy and cannot be considered to be investigated and questioned and interrogated and harassed. suddenly what the fucking vice president does is super dooper holy and cant be fucked with.

suddenly this nation is a bunch of yes men and women and sheep and

suddenly the republican party is more important to protect than the young people dying for nothing and for lies.

geneva convention - fuckit
the right not to be spied on by a guy named dick - fuckit
the rights of prisoners to have lawyers - fuckit
the rights of voters to actually have their votes counted - fuckit.

9/11 cut the balls off americans from coast to coast, not just to attack our real enemies but to question our public servants.

this country was built upon the principal that there is no royalty here, that every person is equal, and that the individual has rights that are there to protect them against their government. but 9/11 changed that. now we have officials who can avoid testifying on the record, and we have officials who can be found guilty of what amounts to treason but who get let off the hook by their bosses.

while a nation yawns.

i hate 9/11 because it made us victims and kept us victimized. and thats not what america is about. not even a little.

george bush cries because he knows that one day soon this country is going to grow their balls back and try him and convict him and hang him in a public square.

it will be texas justice. it will be swift and bold and just.

and until the truth comes out about this day, our country is fucked.

and thats why i hate 9/11

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