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   Tuesday, December 18, 2007  
how was my first day at work? it was like a dream that never stopped.

i got there on time. headed to the orientation. an hour later the publisher of the company showed up to say hi and give us a little background about the paper. he talked about how things are changing in the business and how the new direction is online.

"is anyone here going to be working online?"

i raised my hand.

"what are you going to be doing?"

Blog Editor.

he hesitated and said, "what's your name?"

i told him and he smiled. "i read about you."

nice. he smiled and said, "i have a blog. but it's not easy. that takes a lot of discipline. maybe i need an editor. ha ha. so you ran LAist so well with a big staff and you didn't pay anyone? welcome!"

later we took a great tour of the place. who knew the place got blown up in 1910? not me. then we had lunch in the cafeteria and the dude made pasta for me while telling me jokes.

then around 3pm i was led to my office. and right away i was dragged into a meeting and this guy whose an expert with newspapers and online content asked me all these questions and wrote down my answers and i asked him questions and he was all, wow these are great. and i was all, im being punk'd right?

wrong. then there was a holiday party for the online dept and there was the publisher, mr hiller again. but i was hungry. there as all this food. two bars. free wine and beer. my boss introduced me to everyone. i met her handsome husband who is a cameraman for the NYT who goes to dangerous places like Darfur. we joked.

then i saw mr hiller applauding loudly for all the employees who were singing karaoke in the party room. i was all, THIS is the stuffy LA Times? this is old media? im dreaming right?

he waved me over. we talked for a good 15 minutes. he asked me again about his blog. i told him, your problem is you have a great life. "good life, bad blog." we took a picture (above) and 15 minutes later he circulated around and said, "good life bad blog. hahahaha."

then i met this guy with sandals and no socks and i said dude, youre my hero. and he said, dude, i cant believe a celebrity is saying that to me. i was all what? he said, i wanted to join your fantasy football league this year but you didnt have one? i was all get out. he said yes, ive been reading you for years. then his buddies showed up and they all were Clipper Girl, Anna Kournikova, karisa! turned out it was the development team. wonderfully dressed geniuses.

busblog readers!

so after i finished my third beer they gave me a tour of their huge offices and they said, tony anything you want to do here you've got the Tech Team behind you.

then my boss said, i dont wanna see you here before 10am.

and thats when i knew i was being punk'd.

we'll see in an hour if my ID card really works cuz i cant imagine a better first day than that.

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