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   Monday, January 14, 2008  
crazy thing about work

is that people here are so professional that even when britney spears is driving around late for court, everyone in the newsroom are so quiet that you dont even know what theyre watching on tv

down in Sports its way different. theyre cheering, theyre throwing around the football, theyre yelling. but up where i am on the Interactive floor, where theres plenty of Entertainment writers and editors and producers, everyones very very calm, waiting, watching, writing, and publishing.

very few raised voices.


here are some of the stories that i liked best today:

- Double-amputee declared ineligible for Olympic competition

- our auto bloggers are writing from the Detroit auto show: coolest car, disneyish car, their car of the year, and the $2,500 list price car

- Giant fan tries to pick fight with Dodger fan at Dodger Stadium. Dodgers seperate the fans during the game. Afterwards in the parking lot the Giants fan blinds the Dodger fan, Dodgers cleared in lawsuit

- OC Sherrif Quits in shame

- Disney testing handheld devices (aka Nintendo DS) so you can see ride wait times before you trek across the park to stand in line

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