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   Saturday, April 05, 2008  
our biggest story on the LA Times blogs yesterday (and probably this weekend too)?

Absolut did an ad campaign for its Mexican consumers (why its english i dont know) and it caused Drudge to link to it, and the righty bloggers and a good portion of the 1000+ commentors of our blog La Plaza to lose their minds.

here are some of the many comments on La Plaza:
- I am seeing a lot of HATE going on this blog. Ya'll need to relax and have a martini, shaken not stirred.

- I'll never ever buy Absolute again, and I'm telling everyone I know to do the same. I'm not a redneck racist, I just love my country, The United States of America, all 50 of them. This is the most ignorant advertising campaign i've ever seen. They have no idea how badly they've stepped in it.

Nobody needs Absolute anyway? It's overpriced for what it is, there are plenty of better choices available, many of them American made!

- One more reason not to drink the over-pushed and over-advertised "Absolut waste of time." Stolichnaya is real Vodka and what I drink anyway.

- A boycott is too good for Absolut. They need to be investigated for promoting and supporting the violent takeover of the United States by foreign persons.

- I drank only Absolut all my life. Never again.
I find it unfathomably stupid for Absolut to advertise for the Mexican "reconquista" movement sponsored by the racist LaRaza organization. Congratulations, guys: abslolut-ly stupid. You are in there for this year's Darwin Awards.

If a similar ad ran in England where in an ABSOLUTE world the 13 colonies would still be British THAT would be even funnier. I think the haters on this posting are the same ones driving around with confederate flags attached to their chevy trucks.

- It's a simple message, really: If you drink, don't draw maps.

- Wow! How many of you have the extra WEALTH to pour good liquor out because of an advertisement? What INSECURITY you suffer. I'll bet a trillion dollars that ya'll are the same KNEEJERKS who believed the WMD Iraq lie.
wonkette and its readers were funny about it.

needless to say, the post, the blog, and the comment threads are en fuego. as are the kids on digg

Update: Absolut Aplogizes!

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