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   Sunday, July 06, 2008  
ask tony questions answered, now in color!

Notorious bWg: 100 greatest american women of all time?

that would be boring as it would be my mom times 100.

bloopy: shouldn't the sugarhill gang count as three people on your list?. . .

they should if they were as important or more important individually as opposed to collectively. same goes for N.W.A, who you could argue were extremely successful and creative individually, but in my opinion their group activity was far more revolutionary than their solo projects.

Steven Allen Adams: If I were to move to LA, with my background, would there be enough freelance writing work for me to make a decent living out there?

the top three reasons people come to LA are to become an actor, a musician, or a writer. add to that the fact that we are in a recession and i would recommend that before you leave the world of cheap rent for the land of high rent, i would suggest that if you are coming here for any of the three most cherished plumbs that you establish yourself in any of those fields Before coming to LA. or work on your waiter skills before heading out here.

Andrea: Is there anywhere in the country that you would NOT want to live? What's your favorite way to spend a holiday?

switzerland didnt impress me. and i dont believe theyve ever produced a really good rock band which is telling. one could argue Celtic Frost, but thats a reach. my favorite way to spend a holiday is to sit in my bed, order takeout and pretend the girl kissing me doesnt have morning breath.

sass: Did lcc actually want to come out and play with us or are you forcing our awesomeness upon her?

lowercase carmen might not be the most prolific blogger, but shes a really good writer when she writes. sadly she doesnt write in her blog, which is funny. but maybe thats the pisces in her. meanwhile she really does wanna warriors on you and come out and play, and i hope you guys return the flavor and let her enter yr coven.

Elspeth: If we get a reverse 9-11 phone call in the middle of the night, to evacuate NOW, can we come and stay with you? We have only 2 dogs ... it'll only take an hour and a half from Santa Barbara ...

for some reason my neighbors almost all have dogs. not just dogs but big dogs. why they choose to have such large animals in such small apartments is beyond me. why they choose to let their dogs dig holes in our courtyard and they dont replace the holes with dirt is also a mystery to me. life is a cabaret i guess. so come to the cabaret. meanwhile i hope the fires mellow out in The Good Land.

Dan: With regards to that whole question about the rights of the community vs. the rights of the creator. Can you elaborate on this further? I am having trouble understanding or coming up with any possible scenario where the owner of content should not have the right to remove said content from public display. Especially since, on the internet, there rarely is such a thing as completely removing it. Arguments of revisionism aside, what is freedom of expression without the freedom to decide want you want to express and for how long?

Upon further thought, I think when it comes to science and government, such "created" content should be available and should stay available as long as it is relevant or useful. But should that apply to individuals' journalistic or personal [written] work? Should it apply to music?

What do you think?

i think that love makes people act crazy. which is why if we're going to outlaw any mind altering drugs we either outlaw love first or dont outlaw anything.

since love isnt outlawed, neither should be the things that sprout from love as long as they dont physically harm anyone.

Scott: So the big question is, was the girl pink because what she was drinking or was that just her natural color. And what did the blue stuff taste like?

the girl lived in a universe where there was no concept as skin color, which is why she was so put off by the fact that bryn took so much stock in his when it had changed to blue. the blue stuff tasted like diet dr. pepper.

The WordSlinger: Dude, I saw the WSJ article on the cuts for the editorial staff at the LA Times. I hope that doesn't affect you man.

anything that happens at the Times affects me. we are a far more collective unit than most realize. meanwhile we are part of the global economy which is also going through some very dramatic adjustments. financial shifts are hitting people in the real estate world with record foreclosures, in air travel, in las vegas, pretty much everywhere. to quote the cheech and chong film, things are tough all over. but i appreciate your concern.

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