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   Friday, February 20, 2009  
many of her posts are of an adult nature,

that is because she is an adult, as is her audience. almost all of her posts are interesting and creative and funny and edgy. that is because she is special. you dont know what posts are true what posts are false, what posts are stolen from shakespeare or tolstoy, and thats because she otherworldly.

for several years she won the highest award in blogging, the busblog's very own award, given to a handful of people each year, the Anna, named after my former girlfriend, Anna Kournikova.

this year there will, again, be a handful of recipients of the 2008 Anna Award, and xTx is the first winner. but when you read her posts, we all become winners.

even though this doesnt count for 2008, who cares, heres what she wrote yesterday:
You are big. Very big. So big with your girth. Your infinite waistline. Your head that hits the sky. I cannot comprehend you as a whole, just pieces: fingers, knee, shirt sleeve.

I am tiny. Very tiny. So tiny with my shortness. My baby legs. My head skimming undersides of coffee tables. You could put me into your mouth and I could live there.

It comes at me fast. You catch my side with your foot. I fly. I fly up into the sky; past your head, past the roof, past the T in the telephone pole, over the courthouse, over the church steeple. The ground blurs and the sky is in my mouth. My side hurts with broken ribs and a crushed lung, but I ignore the pain because I am flying. Flying! Just like every bird I've ever chased!

I land in a deep well and die. My one working lung fills with brackish water. You find me like a kite runner. You call my name. It echoes against the old stones and settles in my dead ears. Your tears rain down, useless. You cannot even try to save me as your size dwarfs the mouth of the well, open and laughing at your loss.

I float upwards. Becoming.

The angels giggle and put me into their pockets. They tie me to their wings.
congratulations xTx on what must be your 78th Anna, all of which were deserved, especially this one because the competition was stiffer than ever.

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