the door swung open
. a tall thin man in a turtleneck peeked in. not that i know about these things, but i'd guess he was gay. all while keeping his feet outside the room, he looked at me, looked around the room, flicked off the switch for the overhead lights, and prepared the white towel.

storming through the doorway was the director of the fbi.

gg's daddy.

nineteen year old gg's daddy.

she and i had been aol chatting for four to six hours a day for most of the last four months and how is it my fault that she was assigned to be my partner. but i suppose it is my fault that i wrote her so much, and called her, and exchanged pictures. and bought the ticket to visit her in sin city.

gg, was transfered over to vegas when it became obvious to her father that she was not listening to him regardless of his wishes or threats.

my gut had been pummeled before by stronger men than he. but then he got a rib, mostly out of poor aim, but i didnt wince. i understood, but fuck him.

why are you disobeying a direct order?

i really like your daughter.

bam. first shot at the face.

i coulda ducked it, but i sorta deserved that one.

what do you like the best about my nineteen year old daughter, agent?

the whole time i was trying to lean casually up against the wooden desk. i was shaking a little, probably because i wanted to punch him back, but if i were him id be doing the same thing.

answer me, damnit.

i think gg's really smart.

he stopped.

what did you call her?

i didnt understand.

you have no right to call her by her given name, agent pierce.

i think ashley is smart.

and then he got the brick wrapped in the white towel.