frequently asked questions

about where your


will go

thanks, i appreciate it

about to flow me with a dollar so i can get a car,
but you have some questions?

1. where will my dollar go?
all monies will be spent on a Cadillac Snoop DeVille.

2. why do you deserve my precious funds?
this isn't about deservedness, this is about stoking someone, moi.

3. is this like a tip or something, for making your web page every day?
if it helps you to donate by thinking that this is a tip, then go ahead. i know i tip the bartender a buck for reaching into the cooler and using the bottle opener on the bottle cap.

4. why don't you want your "friends" to donate?
my friends have to put up with enough by knowing me. they do plenty for me as it is.

5. what constitutes a "friend" to you?
anyone who has met me, or chatted with me online. this is about strangers buying another stranger a cool new vehicle with donations of a dollar or more.

6. what should a friend do to help you score your ride?
send a friend of yours - who doesnt know me, this link:

7. what do I get for donating my buck?
if you donate a buck, i hereby deem you a "soul brother." you can now enjoy all the benefits of this much sought-after status in life. and since you would only like to continue your brotherly love, not only will you want to proclaim your new standing, but you will want to stoke everyone you've ever met. lucky for you, as a "soul brother" you can now, in all good conscious, copy this button to your server and link to this page (

8. what if i want to make my own button?
you will be admired to no end. send us a link to it and we will enshrine it on this site for all to love - and possibly put on their site.

9. are you going to link people's web sites who donate to you?
sure, if that's what they want, yes. if they dont want that, then no.

10. what if i want to donate $40 or more?
this is the land of the free, so if you want to go nuts and give till it hurts, please do. know in your heart that you are now a "stone pimp". congratulations. also feel free to use this button to tell the world that , now, you can't messed with.

11. do you really think that people will give you enough money for this car?
yes. i think people are the greatest. and they like helping others. im sure i will get that car.

12. this doesnt sound very legal.
last time i checked it was legal to be nice to strangers.

13. what if you get enough money for the car before it gets made?
great question. if at the time that I have collected $20,000, the Snoop DeVille is not available for purchase, I will buy a different car and then immediately trade it in for a Snoop DeVille when one becomes available.

14. are you going to take any pictures of these girls with you and your car?
omg, if i get a car from this website, you can be certain that It will be the new star of the show and many photographs and stories will include it.

15. i don't think i trust you.
it's a buck, take it easy.

16. once again, why am i giving you a dollar again?
if you read my page a lot, and you like it, this is a way to stoke me. you give a bartender a buck for taking the bottle cap off, you give the valet a buck to drive your car 20 feet, it wont kill you to flow me. i promise.

17. what if i dont want to give you a dollar, but i want to tell people to give you a dollar?
knock yourself out. make a button, make a web page, include it in your blog, do whatever you want. have fun, know that i appreciate it.

18. are there other ways that i can help you acheive this fine dream?
why yes! if you don't already belong to PayPal, you can sign up with them through this link and it will get me $5, and that alone will be enough to be recognized as a "soul brother."

Pay me securely with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express card through PayPal! Visa ,MasterCard, Discover, and American Express

or you can buy a tshirt through tshirthell. each tshirt you buy gets me $4 and gets you into the "soul brother" club. welcome, bro.In Association with

or you can click this first before you buy stuff at


19. can i write you if i have any other questions?
yes. i know this dollar donation is a big deal, so make sure to write to

home + blog + donate $40

whoa, thanks!
thanks, i appreciate it whoa, thanks!