i met letty on the 702 express when she caught me staring and she slipped me her number and one of the best parts of learning how to sell televisions as a teen was realizing that if you could sell a thousand dollar vcr, you could certainly call up a sexy latina who dared sport a gold necklace that said Letty in cursive.

she loved to bust with the Spanglish, and i wouldnt do it justice right now, just know it's cute as hell and i love it.

but one thing that i dont like about her is that she has only just gotten the internet and she is at the phase where she loves to forward all that email that really should be extinguished at first sight. all the sappy "and then they died and i wasnt able to say bye, so please forward this to 5 people you care about" emails

but shes got a tounge pierce and fine ass, so i deal.

today she sent me that 11 thing, and im telling you, dont click her picture or you might get some nudity.

11 Coincidence?

The date of the attack: 9/11 . 9 + 1 + 1 = 11