ashley* wasn't happy

girl hated not being on my site and i can't blame her, shes perfect here. obviously photogentic,
takes her own pictures, which is key, and check out her photoshop skills.

but the real reason we're spotlighting the reigning miss teen clark county is cuz she is freaking psychic, and can shapeshift, and has mastered the ability to meld time and space in such a way that if she knows about a contest on the fm radio station that she wants to win, she will even get off the phone avec moi to get it done.


So tonight, I’m on the phone with Tony & he’s letting me
be pouty & sad, which is totally cool of him because he is,
you know, totally cool. 8pm rolls by …
no mention of the ticket giveaway. 8:15pm …
still nothing. Finally a little past 8:30pm, the dj
starts talking about it. So Tony & I get off the phone,
I dial the station’s number so that I can hit redial
after they play the song snippet. I knew they were
going to play “Down”, I just knew it! I mean
, this song clip was SO indistinguishable,
but my little psychic head said, “It’s Down!”
So I hit redial, & it actually rings.
And rings and rings and rings.
And then…

The dj answers, I tell him it’s “Down”
& I am now going to see
& meet the band!
So how rad is this?
Yeah, like super rad.
SUPER RAD! I’m going to be
meeting my most recent
Hot Date SA! Like hello!
How often will that happen.
Yay for me.

So since Tony is totally cool,
he did the totally coolest thing
for me by uploading
the soundclip
of me on the radio,
just so everyone can hear
what a geek I am!
*Round of applause
for Mr. Pierce please!*




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