i know nothing in here is true. but if it was then christina aguilera was at the rock show the other night doing shots. i didnt talk about it much because she wasnt the hottest girl in the place. she wasnt even in the top five. and you know that i have much love for the former mousketeer. and its not her fault, shes young, she may pull it off yet.

and if some things on this site were true, which they arent, of course, Gibby Haynes from the Butthole Surfers would have been standing near the back of the small club, all 6'4" of him including his goatee including his green and grey striped sweater. he was not in a booth. he did not have two huge black bodygaurds. his hands were in his pockets, he was checking out the rock.


on the ride over, the girls each had open bottles full of beer in the cup holders and Ditch greeted me with a smile and a handshake in the backseat. Ditch hadnt been in LA for two days and he'd met a guy who sold him some Humbolt green and pipe to smoke it in for $25! so we had broken at least three laws before we even made it to the sunset strip. which was dumb, but it was fun.

and everyone keeps asking about her, but i dont remember. i didnt remember then, i dont remember now. she was just a girl drinking a shot, like she woulda done if she was in the dorms, but shes on the road, in LA, in town to host the non-televised Latin Grammys. wishing she was riding in cars with girls. so happy to be shaking Ditch's hand. and not mine.

it's fine.