close yr eyes and floor it

those memories come back to haunt me they haunt me like a curse. is a dream a lie if it don't come true, or is it something worse

i used to think that breaking up with my girl was going to be an easy thing. i always think that. im so dumb.

they always look prettier and more serious than you'd like them to. hugging is way too good.

shes reading my maxim im reading her jane. the gay boys at her work invited her to a party

shes gonna watch the nba with me so things aren't all that bad i guess. uh, yes they are.

maybe the daffodils deserve to be drooping

maybe the crows can stop tonights pooping

watch out the waterbeds will be death to the deadheads

she keeps looking at the sears stereo alarmclock radio thinking

maybe i should go. maybe i should party.

shes a young gurl.

la di



and summer it seems warms all of the dreams

that winter wont hold

fuckin hot tub

is cold.