a lot of things happen in my life that id rather not talk about. people want to pose in pictures with me, people want me to put on their crazy hats, people want me
to autograph things. youd think that after all this time i would be used to it but im not. its jarring. sometimes you just want to sit in the back of a party and
watch or groove to yourself but then people come up at you with cameras and all the cameras are so good nowadays
and some even has red eye reduction. now after people take my picture they always ask me if im gonna put it
on my website and usually i say no but this picture somehow
got the red out of my eyes but not out of the eyes of this
sweet young woman who is visiting us from iceland.
so fascinated by this i promised that i would show
this picture on my site but no others.
so here you are. this is your picture.
God bless.


coulter klassic