me and jeanine had a nice holiday dinner the other night over at the grand lux on la cienaga at the foot of the beverly center.

she had the pork loin, i had the jambalaya, both were good, service was bad, music was stupid, bar was ok, but if you're drinking, why wouldnt you just go to PF Chang's?

jeanine can drink. and she can swear. she proposed if i paid for drinks she'd pay for the meals. of course she orders a fancy martini and i had to join her. those are drained quickly, so out come more. i downed a nice baileys for my ulcer and then we were ready for the wine and the meal. followed by a holiday schnapps for the road.

many moons ago when we broke up we knew that our friends would be sorta shocked and sad so we threw a break-up party about twelve bands played and there were several kegs. one of our neighbors video taped some of it and the other night at dinner jeanine said how much she would like to see that tape.

when she came to pick me up she was sorta bummed out. she claimed that my apartment smelled of iguana shit. i wasnt at all ready. i sat her down in front of my computer and asked if she wanted anything to drink. she said a beer if you got one and in twenty seconds i swear to you she was laughing and clapping her hands to IVTV.

she handed me this picture of us and aj and said it was her favorite picture i said do you talk to aj any more she said no do you i said no.

and a long time ago i had the brilliant idea to get the autographs of my old girlfriends. i realized that i had all these autographs of people who i didnt really know, why was it that i didnt have autographs of people i really loved. i wasnt able to get everyone, but i got aj's. and jeanine's was the first.