life on mars
weezer is one of my all time favorite bands. jeanine and i took this spectacular vacation to maui once and if you have never gone, i highly recommend taking a little trip up mount halakea the crazy volcano that looks like mars. be careful though because they have insane cows (not pictured) and suprisingly cold temperatures. the best time to go is for sunrise. if you are a late sleeper, i recommend going up there on your first day or second day when your body is not adjusted and either you cant sleep or you wake up super early. if you catch one of those days, go up the volcano and check out the sunrise. i like this picture a lot because jeanine's hair isnt this long any more and people have forgotten that she had such awesome hair. i also like it cuz when she did have long hair she'd hide behind it a lot and i'd push it away and i'd say see, you're not so bad, not as pretty as me, but heck, who is? since jeanine and i fell for each other over the period of about two weeks during spring break, it was hard for us to determine our anniversary date. somehow st. paddys day ended up to be the day since it sounded about right. let me tell you how stoked i am that this st. paddys day weekend i will be jetting up to frisco to take jeanine to see weezer. i havent been up north in almost two years now and i havent seen weezer since they played the universal with teenage fanclub, and shufflepuck. i tried to get into the spaceland show but not such luck. i listen to pinkerton daily. at least one song or two. or three.