mariah wrote and said i liked what you were writing about when you were writing about maria, were you writing about me? it's pretty easy to ignore mariah but you have to practice at it. her feet are sexy so you have to look at her nose. try to look right up in the hole. shes pretty anti-hair but if youre lucky
you'll catch a stub of a nosehair in there and you'll be ok
during the tough moments. the last time she was over
here she got chocolate sauce in the hot tub and little
did any of us know but the health dept. was doing an
inspection of the pools and the spa and the hot tub
and they saw cream in the pump along with some
other foreign objects and they closed it all down
and it's been down for two months. people think
im moving out because im breaking up with rene
and cuz shes moving out but
really im moving
because i want a hot tub again and i would really like to lose mariah once and for all. that girl has magic powers over me and
i say and do the dumbest things when i am with her. it's scary.
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