is that the man. yes. whats his name. lavista. thats lavista? yes sir. he looks a mess. he always looks that way. that is the man who organized that rave last year? yes sir, that is him.

good morning mr. lavista i am agent seven i understand you'd like to resign from the agency. yes sir although i was under the impression that i have already resigned, we're just seeing if it sticks.

agent, can you explain the rave that you organized last year at the sports arena. sure, in some of the other dances we had undercover people and some check points and some rooms to complete the action, but communication wasn't as good as it could be especially because the music was so loud and distracting. so i figured if we actually dee jayed the whole thing and if we had each song mean something, then we could communicate to each other as we made it through each step of the operation.



i understood there were sound effects.

well the great thing about techno music is you
can throw a loop or a sound effect or even
speak into the mic and the kids will think it's
part of the music. so if it was two minutes before
a certain action was to commence, i would hit the
sound effect of a black man saying "two-times"
which would repeat about ten times and you
could hear that all throughout the arena,
meaning all of our agents knew when we were
to that step. when the music changed that
meant we were on a new page in the
program. ironically the dee jay
has headphones so i could spin the records and
basically follow the orders given to me in the
headphones. i even had the playbook opened with
what songs to play when. i simply couldnt mess up.

so why do you think you were not promoted after
that ingenious display?

i got in an arguement with my superior.

really? i dont see that anywhere? yes. i told him that
i was gonna tell him this plan only if he wouldnt bust any of the kids. oh thats right it's your belief that the 20,000 attendees were not breaking the law by ingesting illegal substances. no thats not it, i think that they shouldnt be thrown into a prison if all theyre doing is dancing around and kissing each other. i delivered you 15 major dealers, tens of thousands of dollars and press for days, you dont need to bust any children for listening to bad music.

but what if they turn out to be the dealers in a few years?

sonny liked the voodoo tribal music of Zaire's Boukman Eksperans. it sounded like most african music except the singing was very soothing to him. he looked out of the small window into the parking lot at his '79 Monte Carlo and wondered if there was any Boukman Eksperans in his trunk. he had a lot of shit in his car. hopefully that was in there too.

why i dont go to raves