ah. here we are back in florence. chris not only was mad at me in front of michaelangelo but then we had to catch a train outta town and i was being a typical man and wouldnt ask directions and you really shouldnt dare me to do anything because its hard to resist plus i have amazing luck and lookey here hi ladies can you help us find the train station. whats that? you and your cousin are heading that way? ahh. ok. we'll walk with you. and because im a horrible bf i of course had to take a picture once we got there and because chris is an angel she smiled like a trooper and i will miss that. look at her feeling up my mistress though. always has to have the last laugh. anyhow after that we made up and played some travel scrabble in the first class cabin that we scored and i got some warm coke in me and she got some wine in her and we were back where we belonged. chris was the perfect travel partner for me in that she didnt need an agenda or luxury accommodations and she too liked museums and dive bars and romantic walks and didnt mind me looking like a damn fool tourist. and girls like that dont grow on trees. anymore. you dont even know how happy i was to hang out with her, be it through the canals of venice, in the coffee shops of Amsterdam, on the pyramids of chickenicha, the food court in fresno, or in the tapas bars in madrid. not only did she always look gorgeous but as long as i was behaving she was usually in wonderful spirits - and the kids loved her! im hoping that whoever she hooks up with next will show her all the places that i was either too dumb to discover or too broke to get in to, cuz she rocked on the road and thats such a big thing in my book.