michele was the first gemini
girl i ever went out with. she loved U2, we saw the unforgettable fire and the joshua tree concerts at the sports arena. she was way into the cure. her parents were so amazingly nice to me. Her mom would always make food for me but michele pretty much ran the house and turned her awesome brothers and mom and dad into vegetarians so all they ever had that i would eat was super natural peanut butter and seven grain wheat bread. Her brother looked and played like a young jimi page. Her dad was as soft spoken and gentle as could be. michele always was fighting some cause and i was always making fun. once we drove up the coast and pulled over near Monterey and she saw a whale and nearly cried telling me about how pollution would kill it in a matter of years. or some shit. im not saying she was wrong. i just thought it was awesome. and funny. meanwhile she gave me shit for being into bruce springsteen and ac/dc. these pictures make her look all serious but she was totally fun and we loved each other lots. She broke up with me three times in three years and it wasnt till i read this astrology book that i realized it had nothing to do with me. geminis, it said, just lose interest. for a year i lived in Inglewood right by the forum and i worked in west la so sometimes i would drop her off after a long night at her pad in malibu and instead of driving all the way home, id park behind my work, sleep in my cadillac and work in the morning. ah, youth.
not that i fight much, but once we faught outside of the malibu cantina while eddie van halen played a surprise gig at Trancas and the whole fight i said, can we just continue you this in about an hour? needless to say, i didnt make it into the club. we could hear eddie rock while we faught in the car and i kept asking is that erruption? truly an LA fight. what was it about? beats me.