Prologue to the forthcoming coffee table book: The Collected Portraits of Sonny I. LaVista

sonny i. lavista and i have been friends since college. i had a little substance abuse problem while i was sports editor of the paper and he helped me out with it. see back then i was pretty broke i was only making $100 a week for being an editor and i was getting $15 an article. the problem was that i was discovering the wonders of chinese cuisine and i was slowly becoming addicted to MSG... an expensive habit, let me tell you. sonny worked the dinner shift at IV Chinese & Donuts. i'd call him up around 5 and say, can you flow me some won ton soup... can you throw in some shrimps? how about a little broccoli beef? he set me up. soon i made him a staff photographer and we have been close friends ever since. it was great for a writer to have a best friend photographer with a fat bag of potstickers. (most of the pictures that you see here on are the artistry of my good pal Sonny so let's give him a big hand.)

sonny and i have been drinking a lot lately.

you can see us over at Del's Cocktails on Santa Monica Blvd. near the Smart & Final by Bundy. Not only is it a quiet tavern but no one uses the pool tables and they have karaoke on Wednesdays. since it is frequented by locals who have been drinking there for 20+ years you don't see too many young hipsters like me and Sonny, but karoke night brings in some fresh blood and Sonny and I just laugh and drink and drink and drink. + next + close yr eyes

lately we havent been doing as much laughing as we'd like, but we're making up for it with the drinking. in frisco i was solely a beer man. we'd go into bars like Midtown and NocNoc and they'd have 50-60 different beers on tap and i'd always go for something new, but now that we're in LA and Dels is a cab ride from home, im downing lots of Bailey's. when i first started i did it for my nervous stomach. it was a nice liner for my gut so i could eat slices of pizza and drink more beer. but now it is my only drink. i used to try to be a man about it and just pour it over ice but now i throw a couple shots of creme or milk in there and it cuts the bite. the good book talks about drinking a few times. first off it says do not drink so that you are drunk. and then it shows a few stories about people getting really drunk. the stories about people getting drunk in the bible are some of the most fucked up stories that you'll ever read anywhere. what do i mean? oh, how about two girls getting their father drunk and fucking him so that he would get them pregnant for starters? like that one? it isn't really good direction to the rest of us, who aren't that twisted and usually dont go to a bar so that we can then commit incest but i think the point is be careful, this shit can fuck you up.

but, duh.

Good book doesn't say anything about downing a bottle of cough medicine and going to the first Tibetian Freedom Concert starring the beastie boys, sonic youth, rage, pavement, beck, bjork, red hot chili peppers, and a bunch others. the photo above is one of my favorite pictures cuz it shows you that you really do look as good as you feel on Robo. thank you, Sonny I. LaVista. I woulda never known if you hadn't been there.

Now I know to put on some sun glasses if i ever want to take off my shirt and walk around wasted.