went to the ninety nine cent store today on wishire near fairfax. heres the problem that i have with that store: they have shopping carts. now i know why they have shopping carts, same reason every grocery store does: they want you to fill up your shopping cart! but even at a pretty big 99 cent store, theres no way that you're going to buy that much shit and the aisles just arent big enough for shopping carts. so what happens, and it doesnt matter what time of day or night that you go in there, what happens is one old lady with her mostly empty cart will stop it in the middle of the aisle, or she'll stop it next to another lady who has also stopped hers and im blocked! fuck that.

when i shop i like to do it as fast as humanly possible. i dont want to think. if i think either i'll get everything in the place or i'll get nothing except beverages. if i go fast i can pick the good stuff and keep moving. always be moving. but the old ladies and the people pondering fuck all that up. dudes. im probably as poor as anyone, and i dont need to fully examine every thing at the 99 cent store. if you like it, get it, keep going. today i got two cans of blackeyed peas, a cool
picture frame, Pez, 9 candy
bars, spices, 2 cans
of green beans, lentil
and split peas, and
some beef marinade.
oh, and some orvil
reddinbacher micro
wave popcorn. i
actually saw this
couple debate on
whether they should
get their baking soda
there or at Vons.
even if they saved
a quarter - who cares?
saw this SUV slow
down to go
over the

cubs won again today. the shortstop ricky guiterrez
was today's hero. jon leiber got his 8th win.
the fbi got bad mouthed in the LA times, sure they
sorta messed up on Tim McVeigh and Waco and
Ruby Ridge and Los Alamos and a dozen more that
aren't so famous, but do you know how many hundreds
of super gnarly assignments are going on like
right this minute? hundreds. so if they fuck up a few
times a year, i think it really shouldn't be considered
such a big deal. thats what i think.

i have one more page to go in sirens of titan.
i dont want to finish it. i remember loving that book
but i dont know why. and now that i read it again
i dont like it much. the last 20 pages have been
real nice but most of it is sorta mean. really
mean, actually. righteous. anti-God.
i remember totally loving it though.

next im going to read the bible again.
i'll keep you up to date on that progress.
if i was super cool id rent a
car this weekend and see
the hot young girl
but im boring and
not as cool as
they portray
me on television.

as you can see
my writers have the
summer off and
all thats left here
is the man behind
the curtain and
it's not that
pretty is it?

the lotto is $120
million. if i won i'd
start a record label
and sign Tsar and
finally get them the video they so deserve.
and i'd get some new sneakers.
and a haircut.