ashley wants to know if im her boo. im all duh, shes like do
you ever tell people about me? i go, ash, i talk about you
nonstop as in way too much as in people probably want to
just keep their distance from me cuz it's pretty bad. she
goes well tell me why the cubs lost today and i said easy,
she said, then tell me, tell me. and i said well the cubs
lost cuz theyre in the national league. kerry wood was
pitching his ass off. but it was obvious that he was losing
his stuff in the eighth. first he walked the first guy, then he
started missing high. but he was due up third when the
inning was over. but the thing is, if they had just put in
Faserro, pinch hit for him in the ninth, then put Gordon in
there. i mean, those guys pitch one inning every other day
they cant be tired. instead they left Wood in there until
after he gave up two runs, then they took him out. ug.

almost as dumb as the Times telling everyone about the
new poet laurette, saying how cool he is, and then showing
us his lamest stuff! oh yeah, Trib Corp owns Cubs,
Trib Corp owns Times. do me a favor, sign Johnny Damon.
Ashley said yeah, then
she said what did
you do last night?
i said i crockpot
ed my ass off.
she said chicken
and lipton soup
i said chicken
n lipton some
thing chickeny
but then i sliced
some potatoes
some big carrots
big frozen broccoli.
she yawned. she's
nearly a vegan.
friggin hippies.