GC: Do you have HBO?
TP: Who doesn't?
GC: Have you seen that football thing? The training camp thing?
TP: I can't even believe how good it is.
GC: Genius.
TP: So what are you going to do after you resign?
GC: I'm not resigning.
TP: Dude!
GC: Why should i? i didnt do shit!
TP: Hey OJ, even if there was video evidence to support you, people would still look at you and think to themselves, "weasely lying fuck."
GC: Sticks and stones...
TP: What sign are you?
GC: Beg pardon?
TP: Your astrological sign?
GC: I'm a Baptist, we don't believe in--
TP: When's your birthday?
GC: April 21, 1948
TP: Aries
GC: Taurus
TP: Cusp?
GC: No, the 20th is the cusp.
TP: Holy shit.
GC: You know who else is a Taurus?
TP: Angela Romano? Dawn Colvin? Stacy Goodner? Mary Huber? Tracey DeGrazia?
GC: Saddam Huessein.
TP: Fuck.
GC: Stubborn, unstoppable, righteous, curiously loved.
TP: You're not going to resign!
GC: Not on your life.
TP: So where is she?
GC: Who?