GC: i heard this was a Teen Free week on your site?
TP: Marketing thunk that one up.
GC: Fuck Marketing.
TP: If there's one person who could benefit from a little Marketing, it's you.
GC: Total hogwash!
TP: Are you high?
GC: I am a Marketing disaster. I have done every foul, vile, ignorant thing I could have done to destroy my good name. And all it has done is make me stronger. I have grown off my own wickedness.
TP: Show off.
GC: If Marketing was anything more than a huge scamola there is no way that I would even be alive politically - or physically. But it's a joke and I'm still standing.
TP: Are you quite through?
GC: Look at pornography. You don't see any ads for that, no commercials, no cross-promotions. No product placement.
TP: The Vivd Girls are on posters in the Sopranos.
GC: Only you know that. Still, you know what I mean.
TP: I see Jenna on E!, I hear Ed Powers on the radio. And wasn't that Janine on the cover of that Blink 182 record that sold like 10 million albums?
GC: My point is, when you go to rent a video, you don't make your selection because you saw this great blowjob on the side of your happy meal.
TP: How do you know?
GC: You pick the movie that either your friend has told you about, or you like the director, or you like the basic idea of punk rock celebrity runaway catholic girls on ecstasy.
TP: But that is dumbing down the product to it's most base, lowest common denominator.
GC: So, porn makes billions.
TP: Emmanuelle says it doesn't.
GC: If porn was as readily available and the same price as HBO, would you buy it?
TP: If it was really good, I'd pay double.
GC: Case closed.
TP: What are you talking about? No case has been closed.
GC: You just said that if you had the option you'd buy more porn.
TP: I do have the option, I could get Playboy TV or Spice. I don't. They havent marketed it correctly.
GC: You dont get those channels for the same reason that I don't: it's just NC-17. You said it yourself, if it was the real deal, well made. You'd pay. That's access, not marketing. If you have DSL at home, you're paying 4 to 5 times the cost of a lot of dial up services. Not because someone made the internet at high speeds a sexy concept, but because you found value there.
TP: Sometimes I think that I should probably never tell my children that I once paid $149 for a 14.4 modem.
GC: You know, I really like Marky Mark.