Gary Condit looks bad. Not evil bad. Sad bad. Like his dog ran away, but first took a nice dump on his favorite toupee.

He agreed to meet me after work and take the bus with me home while i took pictures out the window.

GC: I hear you dont talk to your teen girl any more.
TP: Don't you wanna grease that hole before you shove your fist in it?
GC: Pardon me?
TP: First question and you're going for the jugular?
GC: I'm sorry.
TP: I can handle it. No, I have talked to her every day. Even today.
GC: I hear it's over between you two.
TP: Yep.
GC: Any comments about the affair?
TP: I don't talk shit about the girls I make out with.
GC: Oh I'm sure you did more than make out, you two. Nudge nudge, say no more...
TP: Yeah, we bowled, watched TV a lot, she was a real close friend.
GC: Are you going to put her picture on your site any more?
TP: I really don't plan those sorts of things.
GC: What's it like, a fling with a teenage girl?
TP: Every relationship is unique. I don't think age has anything to do with it.
GC: But, like, nineteen. Mama mia!
TP: Was there a question in that moan?
GC: You can't tell me that you're not bitter.
TP: I'm too young and hung to be bitter about anything.
GC: Tell me about that picture you just took.
TP: I'm a big fan of shopping carts. There's something magical about them that makes them roll and roll. You always see them rolled up against something like they're eskimo kissing. I'm also a big fan of Chicago styled deep dish pizza. This picture means a lot to me.
GC: Why did you get such bad grades in school.
TP: Studying for tests takes the fun out of it all.
GC:Tell me something that people probably dont know about you.
TP: I can be sorta evil sometimes in relationships.
GC: Kinky, huh?
TP: No, evil.
GC: I would have never guessed.
TP: Yep, and I like to collect baseball cards. But mostly i prefer being nice.