tony: do you keep a scrap book?
sally: more or less it's a box with scraps
sally: i live in a small condo, so i can't keep everything

tony: pool?
sally: yes
tony: hot tub?
sally: yes
tony: do you lay out?
sally: i sat with my feet in the pool for five minutes in 1998, otherwise i don't ever walk through the pool area
tony: are you goth?
sally: on the inside
sally: what does that mean? prolly not
tony: into that vampire look
sally: i know what you mean, i meant: what does on the inside mean
sally: depressed, clad in black, pasty skin, that's me
sally: no vampires
sally: no
sally: absinthe (sp)
sally: no anne rice

tony: youre missing out on the fun parts

sally: a little sam rosenthal now and then, but otherwise no goth.
tony: pale girls are cute too
sally: the university of the incarnate world
tony: so what do the teen boys talk to you about?
sally: surprisingly, politics
sally: i don't know jack about politics