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   Thursday, May 09, 2002  
this little little kid interviewed me the other day and since shes not gonna put it on her site, she said i could put it on mine.

lily: hi my names lily whats yours?
me: tony
lily: i like your stuff.
me: thank you.
lily: how many fingers are you?
me: everyones got the tough questions right away.
lily: oh, come on, dont be a baby.
lily: how many fingers?
me: this many.
lily: whats your favorite sport?
me: bowling.
lily: i like french fries at the bowling

me: me too, its the only place that i like them with ketchup
lily: why do you spell it that way?
me: spell what what way?
lily: catsup. you spell it weird.
me: i spell lots of things weird.
lily: what do you do for your job.
me: im an editor
lily: is that like a doctor?
me: no, i correct peoples spelling.
lily: you?
me: can you believe it.
lily: well, lots of things fascinate me. i just spent an hour in this box i discovered.
me: look out for the heavy staples in those boxes.
lily: yeah, thanks. now you tell me.
me: sorry.
lily: ok, gotta go
me: so soon?
lily: i mean poopies.
me: oh, go for it.
lily: but i should go anyway, im bored.
me: ok, nice chatting with you.
lily: bye!

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