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   Tuesday, December 09, 2003  
heres the problem with drudge. he's not interested in news unless it will be beneficial to his political point of veiw, his boss's political point of view, his sexual preferences, and his views on race.

people, smart people, go to his web site to find out news. even journalists go to his site to try to find out the latest breaking news. but all he presents are items that agree with his agenda.

case in point: mr. michael jackson.

today the smoking gun released a document of an investigation by the lapd and child services that said that allegations made by the family who is accusing the king of pop of sexual misconduct with their underage son, indeed are "unfounded."

hi, matt, but thats big news.

some might call it a bombshell.

and yet it is NOWHERE on the drudge report as of right now, 4:20pm on 12/9

here you have the LAPD, who i admit havent always been perfect, with the cooperation of child services interviewing the parents of the accusing boy, and the boy himself earlier this year. and they all say michael didnt do anything wrong.

so heres the problem, even if mj DID do something wrong you have the kids and the parents saying he didnt, therefore you have unreliable witnesses, therefore mj is not guilty, therefore drudge, if he is a journalist and not just a gossipy blogger, needs to write about it.

but he wont.

just like he wont cover rush being in the middle of this drug ring.

just like how he wont talk about how bush knew and how bush sucks and about how maybe clinton wasnt so bad after all.

instead his big headline right now is about joe lieberman and how hes bummed that al gore, who beat bush, is giving his support to dean.

and instead of saying Dean's the Dems Dude, he spins it as a Lieberman's Bummed. like all the other candidates arent also bummed?

so thats whats wrong with your boy drudge,


i'll tell you more about how hes a slanted towel boy to the right next time.

meanwhile lets be thankful that one of the planet's finest entertainers is probably not a child molester after all, but just a freaky dude who used to wear one glove and hang out with monkeys.

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