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   Saturday, January 17, 2004  
this is called how long can you write until the sexiest clipper girl there is gets over here. ten minutes ago she said she was ten minutes away. in that time i have brushed my teeth, picked up a few odd things, shot a shot of bacardi and found this picture from buzznet.

busy day today. something fucked up big and i got super mad and my boss didnt understand why i was mad and it was cuz i was swamped and ive been swamped all week and i said it was gonna make me have to stay at work till eight o'clock and i dont ok i will admit it i dont like to fly chopper one at night.

which why they never really wanted me to fly it. cuz you have to be able to fly it at night. most crime happens at night. and i was all fine then train someone else to fly it too but they first off didnt want anyone else to know its secrets which is sorta dumb what if i double cross everyone and b what happens when i die.

almost everyone dies in the xbi. hardly any old men. the old men in the xbi are usually the biggest cowards. hi.

shes gonna be drunk and fridayed and bold. im gonna fuck it up by not attacking her immediately and the tv will go on and nothing will happen till the morn, i dont know why.

i like watching the clippers and i wouldnta without her. corey magette tonight grabbed his arm right near the end of the game and went on defence with one arm straight down at his side just like how kobe looked the other night.

and the announcers were all, but they only have one timeout left. and they went on defence and then someone got the rebound and he held his elbow and limped-jogged back on offense and they bounced it into brand on the block and he got double teamed and kicked it out to jarick and magette raised his allegedly hurt arm and got the cross court pass, toed the three point line and hit a 40 footer.

they lost but they did it with a fight.

theyre a bunch of dirty nosed crazies. i love em. i miss darius and odom but so is the nature of the beast following the clippers.

i think what happened in the michael jackson thing today was awesome and id tell you more but hark could that be a knock at my door?

nutsy meggy + sahalie + eye want splinky to write something cool for lick

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