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   Saturday, February 21, 2004  
best part about the xbi hq is the chapel. alot of people cry there. all the crying is bound to make you cry so i suggest avoid loitering unless you can concentrate. like me.

most people use the chapel as a place to show emotion since its not recommended on the job.

i like it cuz its dark and has little alcoves you can hide out in.

sorta like a sanctuary.

a lot of people die in the xbi, we just dont talk about it much.

so one thing they did is say that everyone can add one or two things to the chapel to make themselves more comfortable.

so they can pray right.

and focus.

i had a tetris clone coin-op put in there. i keep the sound turned off.

every month they put a different game in there.

last month they had lode runner.

it really does free my mind up a little bit.

some people sleep in there.

some people never go in there.

sometimes i think some people are just seeing what everyone else is doing

but the good news is everythings confidential and everyone honors that.

and thats why the best part about the xbi hq is the chapel.

i was so stressed out today if the right person offered me a cigarette i woulda smoked it.

did you know that papa johns doesnt have their cinnamon pie any more

and dominos doesnt have cinnamon dots anymore

they have cheese dots.


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