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   Friday, February 06, 2004  
todays ronald reagans birthday? fuck ronald reagan and his damn birthday. kurt kobain is dead and ronald reagan isnt and we could get depressed about that or we could just realize who jesus wants for his sunbeam which of course rhymes with fuck ronald reagan. and it should.

i see a lot of people putting up ads on their shit and i used to have an amazon banner on the left hand side and on my links page but i havent for a while because al gore didnt make the internet to advertise more widgets i dont care how amazing they might be.

if i did know of a product that could help you gain 3-4 inches, why would i tell you about it? the competition is, uh, stiff enough.

if people want to give me money, they'll give me money.

if people want to buy crap off the web, they'll buy crap off the web.

every day i tell them what i think they should buy anyway.

they should buy the Corvids cd, the Tsar cd, Iceberg Slim's Pimp

they should use Tivo through Directv

they should vote that fucking moron Bush out and quit being assholes about it

they should quit buying nikes, quit smoking cigarretes, quit lying about blood for oil, and quit sucking matt drudges dick.

why would i want to distract people from the real things that i want them to think about by having some fucked up animated gif blinking at them saying buy me buy me im crap but buy me?

a few hundred bucks a month isnt going to make me or break me especially since all i need to be happy is dsl dss tivo a bus pass water laynes old apartment and you. and none of that shit costs much.

all these motherfuckers can run around and pretend they dont like me but they will never be able to call me a sellout and thats important to me. especially from the motherfuckers.

some people have different lives and the extra flow will do them good and for them i say fine. i couldnt care less. my trip isnt their trip obviously and the truth is even though lots of the ads do make the web look crappier who cares. all this shit is free content mostly anyway.

difference is the busblog and lick are entirely free, and im trying to make it freer.

this guy wants to sell me his dodge sedan for a few grand and today i was thinking about cashing in the donations from the car fund and calling this experiment art project over and get a ride with 95k and call it even.

in other news a hot chick is coming over soon and im thinking about having her shave off my hair and sell my fro on ebay.

which is an ultra sellout but its also too irresistably funny to instantly rule out.

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