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   Friday, March 12, 2004  
isla vista owns me. im going to move there. karisa taught me how to truly be independent, so now very few things own me. the cubs do of course. the blog. yes. soft drinks. but thats about it. maybe the web. maybe. probably.

but sunsets and college girls holding surfboards where the weather is eternally 72 degrees and the sound of skateboards clacking over the uneven asphalt cracked from burnt furniture has a place in my heart that calls to me like a siren in a dream.

the greatest burrito place in town is no longer there and the best burrito place in town is now a corporate place and i sat there eating the third worst burrito in town next to the young redheaded girl and i realized that i know what my destiny is, its to bring back to isla vista whats isla vistas: the finest burrito in town.

many kegs ago there was a burrito place next to the dominos pizza called tacos acapulco. they had about 5 little mexican guys working there who would dance to the music and smile and serve you your burrito. they had beers in bottles but it wasnt really a drinking place. it was an eating place and the burritos were seriously good but they were also made better by the smiles and the warmth and the partying and the musica.

kids from all over ate there for dinner and for that time after midnight when you need a spicy taco for as to combat the drinking youve done and are about to do. those guys were still dancing. laughing at the girls trying to order in spanish.

tacos acapulco got sued by the bigger mexican chain called acapulco and changed their name to tia albertos. then the dancing happy little mexican guys got into a wage war with alberto and said hasta and got a place across the street. and went in competition with their former boss.

the dumb sorority girls didnt see what was happening and instead of getting all their customers to walk across the street to the place made by the people who actually made the food and gave it the atmosphere only Half the kids defected and the other half stuck with their old munching grounds.

this caused both establishments to go broke.

now the kids settle for the same old same old and i know i could change all that in the snap of a finger.

i think i will name it senior vista's.

and it will have a beer and wine bar. and partying mexicans. and lines out the door till 3am. and i will have buckets of money flowing, and profit earnings for the workers. health insurance tip jars. dry tshirt contests. and a plasma screen tv for the big games.

pretty simple really.

the secret is in the free chips and spicy salsa.

and the break dancing of course.

and if i was really smart id get a guy to push a taco cart through iv at noon and sell them on campus during the lunchtime rush like it aint no thing. cuz it aint.

everyone and i know i exaggerate in here and lie and cheat and steal but everyone in isla vista had either a surfboard in their hand or was riding a skateboard or was pumping at a keg or holding out a cup or running home to make love.

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