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   Saturday, March 06, 2004  
my brother and i had lunch yesterday. then we went to a sweet little gettogether at miss montreal's mansion. then we drove through the streets of hollywood. then we flew chopper one with the lights off. then we ate at tommys burgers.

all the while i clued him into all the secrets of the world.

from the mouths of babes.

the day didnt start off very well. i woke up at 8:30am got to the rentacar place at 9:30 and immediately they informed me that my drivers liscense has been expired since 10/22. so they drove me to the hollywood dmv which puts the star wars cantina to shame.

got there at 10am they told me that it would be an hour wait maybe an hour and a half.

i had iceberg slims trick baby on me so i was ok. but i was sweating it cuz i had to go to ventura county to pick my bro up and i wanted to get him to santa monica to have lunch with karisa and my truest for lunch at noon.

didnt get my number called till twelve thirty. the lady typed in my new address, took my $24, and pointed me to the camera lady. the camera lady took my picture and i was done.

for some reason they had me wait two and a half hours for something that took maybe two minutes to get handled.

fuck you dmv.

tell me there cant be a line for quick fast tiny shit like that at the dmv.

fuck you.

called the rentacar place. they picked me up. enterprise. thanks enterprise. cute little lil blonde girl. drove me to los feliz. why? who knows. didnt have any cars in los feliz so we went over to the capital records area for a car. then i was off.

it was warm in la. i hadnt driven in the afternoon like that in a while.

i drove fast to pick my bro up. i was hella late. my truest was the bestest and said for me to drive slower that we would eat at three and they would take the rest of the day off.

my truest and karisa work together.

next to each other.

its nice.

got there looked around met people shook hands called jeanine. she met us at don antoinios on pico we sat in the patio in the back (pictured). ate drank talked laughed. all was good.

all was super good.

and it only got better.

flagrant + sk smith + moxie + happy bday shaq

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