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   Tuesday, March 02, 2004  
it's 2am. it's always 2am. the clock speeds through when i sleep. it speeds through while i work. it speeds through when i get home. and then always its wham 2am fucker.

raspil and i have never heard each others voice, and yet we've teamed up wonderfully through emails and very few chat sessions to bring lick back to life.

the other day she gave me the new layout for the blog and today i put it in the template section in blogger and of course i didnt back up the old one. or even take a picture. and there was the new layout but the text was crazy all over the place.

so i emailed ms. iverson and she was soon online and we looked at the code and she gave me a different layout and it worked.

but then the comments didnt work.

and i of all people i figured it out

which is saying a lot because i really dont know html all that well and i certainly dont know java or java script or pearl or nothing.

but i looked at the code of this blog and i compared things and i figured it out.

and while i was looking to add the halo scan button i read on their site that they now have Trackback.

so i installed Trackback.

to me, trackback rewards people for linking.

lets say 100 people read a post and two people Trackback. i bet 25 of those people go to the Trackbacker's blog.

until now Trackback was only available to blogs that used moveable type.

now blogger blogs using haloscan can have Trackback.

thanks haloscan!

which is free.

but accepts donations, which i highly recommend.

speaking of which, chokey chicken and mist bought my afro and chokey asked me to make them a mixed cd to include with the hair. i was going to give them some baseball cards.

well, today i made the cd.

tomorrow i will mail it, fellas.

email me your address again :)

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