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   Thursday, March 18, 2004  
To: tony@tonypierce.con
From: "FCC Chairman Michael Powell" <> Add to Address Book
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 18:50:38 -0000
Subject: Whaddup G

Yo Tony,

I've been reading your shit. It's good. But why you gotta hate?

Straight up: What's a brotha got to do to get a time-out in this hizzy?

Shit bro, I'm just a struggling Black man trying to make a difference up in this piece and you're doing your best to fuck my shit up and all I wanna know is what's up with that, player?

Fuck. I hate whitey as much as you do. Lord KNOWS I do. You do too! So why you wanna cock block me from taking down that hook nosed half jew Howard Stern and all the other whiteys like Bubba the Splooge Fuck and all the rest?

White man suddenly doing something for you?

Didn't think so.

Several ways a brother can fuck with da man HARD:

fuck his daughter
fuck his son!
take his money
ruin his shit
fuck his wife
move next door to him and build a bigger crib than his ass
use his own laws against him

Who's the most hated Black man in America, tony?

OJ motherfucking Simpson. damn straight.


Because OJ fucked the man's daughter, took his damn money, moved door to his ass, and got the Dream Team to get him off the hook based on "reasonable doubt".

nothing massah hates worse than having his own shit fly back at him when he least expects it.

But I'm smarter than OJ, tony.

and more powerful.

i now have the ability and the blessing to fuck with whitey every damn day.

check it, my man it's my job.

and who gave me this job? the first black president ever: your boy William Jefferson Clint-tone.

bubba hooked my ass up, whispered in my ear, asked me to be cool till W was up to his neck in bullshit, and right after miss jackson did her little dance i got a letter from the president as chuck d would say.

and i ran with it.

and nobody's stopping me

infact those pasty ass whiteboys are fucking helping me, cousin!

i laid it out like this "its something that your peeps could be cool with cuz its anti indecency, its cleaning up the airwaves, its making things straight."

when all along it's fines that will break the banks of shock jock jokers, and their bosses, and soon, the stations themselves.

stations owned by whitey.

bubba's laughing his pimp ass off right now and you should too my brotha cuz theys a crazy nigga up in the hen house and no hen is safe in this piece.

so lets squash this thing you got for my ass.

everything isnt what it seems to be.

no brothas own this shit right now so no brothas gonna get hurt.

infinity, clear channel, all that shit is going to come crashing down. they can run their fool asses to satelite all they want.

the people are going to get their airwaves back, and a black man is going to give it to them.

holla at ya boy,


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