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   Wednesday, March 31, 2004  
when i think of this years nfl season the first thing i recall is janet's nipple.

then i recall New Orleans Saints receiver Joe Horn scoring a touchdown, going under the field goal post to retrieve a cell phone and making a phone call as the crowd cheered.

then i recall former 49er receiver Terrell Owens pulling a Sharpie out of his sock and autographing a football after he caught a touchdown pass.

what do you remember from last year?

probably less than that.

but the NFL in all their lack of soul has decided that they will go back to penalizing players and teams for such "outrageous" activity.

this isnt anything new to the sport that so desperatly wants to be the national pasttime, after the Redskin "Fun Bunch" had well-choreographed dance routines after touchdowns, the league instituted a policy of zero tolerance for these post-touchdown "celebrations".

they eventually repealed their decision.

but since the winds of change are now blowing from the conservative white house and effecting all aspects of american life, this decision to re-instate the banning of touchdown celebrations should come as no surprise.

which is stupid.

everything in football is about the touchdown. if you are to believe the marketing of the nfl.

we true sportsfans know that football is about teamwork, defense, special teams, strategy, AND offense, but when was the last time you saw a great block on Sports Center.

boo-ya, look at that guard pull!

and no offense, paul tagliabue, but this penalty is slightly racist.

the receivers who usually have the most exciting, innovative, and outrageous post-touchdown activity, are of color.

when brett favre made the Lambaugh Leap popular nobody said anything. that was a post touchdown celebration. it had no soul. but it was unusual. and there was no action taken against him.

so whats up with that?

and whats up with not involving the fans? the fans love that shit.

the fans love terrell owens grabbing the pom poms from the cheerleaders and dancing with them after he scores.

consider this post my challenge. i would like an instant replay on this decision. the nfl was leapfrogged by the nba who encourages personalities and showmanship.

as a wise man once said

dont hate the player

hate the game.

im hating you nfl.

all of the nfl except for the raiders who were the only team who voted against this schlock.

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