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   Thursday, April 22, 2004  
the headline read "gay lovers climb tree, then have sex" and instead of the obvious, the first thing i thought of was how can we get rid of that then in the headline? i have a terrible sickness. i want to write i want to edit i want to think about what should be written about i think about how it should be written. i desperately need to have interesting pictures. i do my best not to write about myself, but i fail horribly. then i have to remind myself the url of the busblog. this is mine. demons and doubters and devils beware.

today i wondered how much money it would cost to shut me up about a certain topic. i play fantasy sports a lot. im playing baseball now and im super frustrated because typically half of the league will stop playing before the mid-way point but it already looks like that number is increasing to 80% before the first month is finished.

in fantasy sports you are constantly thinking about trades. trade offs. betting on the future. leveraging from a point of strength. i won two out of four basketball leagues last year and one of em was actually challenging. the two that i lost were insanely challenging, probably because people actually paid.

to silence myself about politics is like trading a slow-footed third baseman who doesnt hit a lot of homers for the catcher of the colorado rockies. you should always go for the quick upside in fantasy sports because the clock is ticking.

in real life though, i hate sellouts. and even though i have no money i dont need any dumb money.

those two gay guys climbed a tree and had sex.

that couldnt cost very much.

so the obvious question when you see the headline gay lovers climb tree, then have sex is how much sex can two gay guys have in a tree? or is the obvious question is it interesting because theyre gay or because one is 17 and one is wearing a wig?

straight couples have sex all over the damn place, and you'd think as creative as the gays are they'd be having sex all over the place too. but i guess not because its rare even to see gay people making out. even in la. even in hollywood.

normally im against adults having sex with young adults under 18, but if the dude is climbing a damn tree to get some, that kid wants it. so let him have it.

very few people id climb a tree to bang.

xtina, mariah, anna, monica sweetheart, and serena williams. i know you thought id say my truest but we'd fall out the tree and go splat. at least i would.

today we formated the d: drive. by buddy jeff said right before you hit yes to the format say goodbye porn.

i said goodbye porn, and an hour later i had my 189 gig d: drive back.

and like osmosis, without much help from me, the porn of the internet has already begun to find itself into my computer.

welcome back, porn.

and if you dont think i havent thought about making a totally x rated blog where all i talk about is fucking smoking and drinking then you have completely underestimated me.

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