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   Sunday, April 11, 2004  
the last thing i want to do is invite boys to write on the Lick blog

but i might have to.

then today i thought, maybe the ladies dont know how easy it is to write for Lick and the Lick blog.

if you want to write for Lick, just email me at my brand new email address:

busblog @ gmail . com

i will give the story to the lovely designer, ms raspil iverson of and before you know it it will be in Lick Magazine, the finest online web zine written and designed entirely by women.

if you would like to write for the Lick blog, just email me at the above address and let me know your intentions and i will invite you to join the blog via the blogger interface.

it really couldnt be more easy.

actually it could.

but this is what we have now.

i want to hear from you.

america wants to hear from you.

canada, who's as sick about american politics as i am, wants to hear from you.

why should you write for Lick?

to share your deepest darkest secrets that really should be let free.

why else?

cuz it will get read.

a year ago madpony wasnt getting but 500-600 hits. now theyre getting 1,600+ a day.

if 1,600+ people want to read two young women write, imagine if there were twelve regular contributors? nay, twenty?

lets face it, i dont even know when the next update or issue of Lick magazine is going to appear. which means the best way to get to tell the world about your run-ins with sex drugs and rock just might be the Lick blog.

when you sign up you can do it with a fake name, or you can sign up, like many have, with your real name.

the choice is yours and it can be changed.

so whattya say?

do you really want a bunch of sweaty dudes telling us about the first time they ever got it on with twins?

i dont.

i want to read about the first time you got it on with twins.

write me. make the Lick blog live up to the coolness of the Lick mag.

do it before its too late.

do it with someone you love.

but please,


do it.

tomorrow is tina's birthday, but since shes canadian, its happening right now.

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