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   Tuesday, May 25, 2004  
people have been writing in a bunch wondering why i am putting all these pictures of hot chicks on my blog. and the answer is simple: i always put pics of hot chicks on my blog.

mostly i do it to distract people away from the sloppy design and frivilous writing.

but right now im putting these particular photographs of this years Miss Universe wannabes on nearly every post so that people have a good idea of who is in the running for the upcoming pageant, which takes place June 1 in Ecuador.

im not a fan of beauty pageants. i think everyone is beautiful. especially when they leave nice comments on my blog and flow me.

but this is a spectacle and it is bizarre, and it is a funny way to learn about foreign lands. but mostly its a spectacle.

in theory it would be pretty cool to try to figure out who is the hottest chick on the globe, and one of the things that i am attempting to show you through all these pictures is that this contest takes place over several weeks, which, as you probably would agree is necessary when trying to determine beauty.

you cant just flip through a stack of 8x10 glossies. you cant just check out video tapes or have them parade down a catwalk buttnaked.

in order to find true beauty you have to sit with the ladies and make them do crazy things and laugh as they crack over several weeks.

which is why it should be a reality show.

and everyone would watch.

and it would make a fortune.

as ive discussed before.

and as i will probably discuss again.

hottest chick from work came over tonight and we ate and drank and watched tv.

i have the greatest life.

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